Too wet to get to allotment!


It has been so wet here (bridge at bottom of road under water) that we haven’t been able to get to allotment, so – a good time to start making our insect (or bug) hotel.

Using ideas from lots of different websites and lots of bits and pieces from the garden, shed, dad’s garden etc . we have created the following:- (only a start mind you!).

20131231_173833   20131231_173742[1]  The carcass made from 2×1 roofing battens, back is ply and roof is ply (marine grade).

20131231_173818[1]  The first shelf (a few inches above ground level) contains bricks with air holes (various sizes) and large stones behind and under one brick.

20131231_173825[1] Right at the top there are two bricks with large holes in them with a partition between (bird box with a difference?).

20140102_165309[1]  Above the bottom shelf we have a shelf full of twigs (the sides of the unit are made of fence panelling offcuts).

Once created it will be taken up to the allotment and fixed into position, probably by side of shed.


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